Avnet joined hands with SoftLayer to offer Cloud to the European Partners

To satisfy the data requirements and needs of the channel partners Avnet Technology Solutions has signed up with the Softlayer so that every client and Cloud user to get the much needed data so as to fulfill the needs. Avnet Technology Solutions has decided to open an Emea-oriented cloud with the aim to satisfy the data sovereignty necessities and needs of its clients and partners so that data can be acquired and used independently by the client companies and the firms who are the partners of Avnet Technology Solutions.

Avnet Technology Solutions signed up with the IBM’s SoftLayer system as their host so as the offer the partners of Avnet Technology Solutions a local and secured, scalable and reliable infrastructure where they could build their portfolios on cloud.

The company Avnet Technology Solutions contains a distribution and allocation liaison with the world renowned organization IBM for a pretty long span of time which is approximately thirty years and similarly Avnet is making quite the same progress in North America by establishing a European hosting centre that will facilitate data requirements to its partners.

Miriam Murphy who is the senior vice president for Emea project marketing and sales in Avnet Technology Solutions commented that the Avnet Technology Solutions and IBM shares the common objective and passion so as to carry on an investment in the up-and-coming technologies and cloud being the most promising one will help and support their business clients and partners to play a key role in the growth market.

Miriam Murphy further stated that be means of this partnership with IBM SoftLayer and Avnet Technology Solutions, the aim is to position themselves in such a way through which they can easily help and support the corporate partners to create and identify as well as capture the opportunities given by the SoftLayer so that the technologies of IBM are enrooted in the Emea area of expertise.

The agreement between the IBM SoftLayer and Avnet Technology Solutions wraps up the local prerequisites of IBM infrastructure-as-a-service assets, also known as (IaaS) so as to fulfill the increasing demands of the European Union’s business houses and companies so as to make sure the data sovereignty as well as the security compliance. The combination of the local divided and distributed data hubs as well as the international networks permits the partners of the SoftLayer to locate the user’s data as and when required.

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